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Tulips & Yellow



Why did I chose the name Yellow Tulip NYC?

yellow tulips in a vase of water

It’s a combination of things.

The first being I was born and raised in Queens, NY, and although the eventual brick and mortar business may not be in NYC, I think it would be intriguing to have something to relate back to New York regardless of where I land in the future. New York will always be home, even if I’m not living in it.

Now, Yellow is my favorite color- evoking the senses of happiness, positivity, hopefulness, optimism, and energy. Yellow has a knack for putting a smile on people’s faces. I’ve always imagined yellow bridesmaids dresses and yellow touches on groomsman’s outfits. It may have something to do with Spring being my favorite season. At the start of spring, on those first few days in April when you can take off the heavy coat and feel on top of the world, like 52 degrees is the warmest thing ever. There’s a feeling of hope and joy with the sun shining and flowers popping up. I’ve always said it, 52 degrees in April is definitely not the same thing as 52 degrees in November, it’s a trick your mind is playing. In November you have a sense of dread, like the warm months are coming to an end and you don’t know when they will come again. Spring and April brings hope, like you knew winter was going to end but until you see it for yourself you didn’t believe it- that positive feeling is why Yellow means so much to me. (I tend to not always be the most positive, but yellow brings out the best side of me).

Tulips, well tulips are the most important part. Being a perennial flower, they always come back. It doesn’t matter how harsh the winter is, spring comes around and buds will shoot out to the earth and the Tulips will come back. I think there is really something to be learned from Tulips, you can always endure. No matter how hard life is, no matter what you’ve been through, you will live to fight another day.  You can take your broken heart and turn it into art.  You can take disappointment and failure and persevere. You can prove everyone wrong, including yourself- especially yourself. You can find a way to see beauty and belief again.  This really resonates with my Interior Design- if you can find the beauty in a home and its occupants you can create more than just homes, you can help create a lifestyle, a way of living.

SK 🙂

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