Exploring NYC


Gorgeous Architecture in Woodside, NY featuring a teal blue door and Corinthian arches. I’ve been trying to come up with things to do this summer…this was also my plan last year but it failed miserably and I ended up getting angry that I wasn’t doing“fun” things all the time. So I decided to get ahead of the game this year and write a list of things to do. I’m also saving to get a new apartment, so I needed to come up with cheap yet fun things to do. Thankfully I live in New York City, literally the land of free things.


With this in mind, over the last couple of weekends, I’ve grabbed my sister and gone outside to enjoy the sunlight. Memorial Day we went to a festival in Sunnyside Queens, which besides some yummy snacks (especially the sorbet from Bliss Street!) was mainly directed towards kids, so we ended up leaving pretty quickly. Luckily we had thought ahead and had a backup plan! So we decided to walked 2 miles to the Woodside Street Fair and spotted some pretty cool architecture along the way. This instantaneously sparked something in me- that I could spend my summer wandering around New York City and surrounding area having fun and finding really amazing architecture that I could then share, all without having to spend a lot.


I introduce to you: “Wanders NYC” and “Wanders More”. The NYC version will be from my exploring the city I love so much, but have barely seen. The “More” side will be for anything beyond the city, whether it’s Long Island, Westchester, or even Cape Cod (my 2nd favorite place in the world & our annual family vacation spot). I hope to find some amazing architecture & maybe the halfway point between design and travel, and I look forward to us going on this journey together.


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