About Me

Hi there, I’m Stephanie, an Interior Designer from New York City!

I am incredibly passionate about Interior Design & everything relating to it. I’ve spent time working with a variety of design niches, so I’ve developed a love and appreciation for pretty much all design styles, yet my personal style lies in Understated Simplicity, with what I like to call, “pops of excitement”.

I have a saying “Things are not to be used in ways they were intended”-atleast with design that is. What I mean is, just because a product is intended to be used in a specific way, doesn’t mean you have to use it that way. Design is meant to be formed around each person’s individual likes, lifestyle and point of view- you should always be you- free to Design Your World. And for me, my world is everything design. It is physically impossible for me to go anywhere and not see inspiration and design in everything. I want to live my life by design, and part of that is sharing my wealth of knowledge and love of Interior Design.

Yellow Tulip NYC is intended to be my eventual future, but for now it is where I will share my design insight, inspiration, hidden nyc treasures I find on my adventures, design products I love, diy tips and tricks, organization ideas, and much much more.