10 Simple Ways to Update Your Space!

A few weeks ago, I designed a Bohemian office/reading room, and I literally love the room so much that I’m currently obsessed with Bohemian décor.  So much so, that I decided to start switching out some of my own bedroom décor, but of course I’m on a budget.

There are some really simple and affordable ways to give your space an update, whether it’s for a seasonal change, a new style you love, or just because you feel like it.

Think about when you want to update an outfit, you swap out the accessories, jewelry, scarfs or your purse- and that can change the entire outfit’s style. Updating a room has the exact same principle.

3d rendering of Bohemian office

Here are my top 10 simple updates for your space:

1) Easily switch out your curtains, throw blankets/pillows, duvet covers and bedding, placemats, towels, or area rugs to make a simple change!

2) Swap out the knobs/ pulls on all your furniture with new ones!

Knobs are easy, but if you are switching out pulls, make sure you open the drawer/door and measure the distance between the screws (center to center)

3) Temporary wall treatments! You can put up vinyl wall decals, fabric wall hangings, and even removable wallpaper to easily transform your walls without having to do anything permanent!

I’d suggest getting your hands on a staple gun to hang fabric – literally the easiest way to counteract gravity and make fabric STAY on your walls & unlike tape, the only damage are tiny holes. 

4) Check out the local dollar store for super affordable décor & and don’t forget to think outside the box!

When I first moved to Florida, I was living in a temporary vacation home with horrible decor, so I bought a set of paper plates with flowers on them for 2 bucks at Dollar Tree, and I just cut the flowers out and stuck them on the wall with some tape! 

5) Switch out your curtains, curtain rods and rings (or even just the spindles on the ends)!

6) Pull all your clothes out of your drawers and lay down contact paper inside!

Contact paper is about $5-10/roll. This may not seem like a “decor” update, but you will catch glimpses of it when you get dressed in the morning and it’ll help evoke your style. You can even go the extra mile and paint the sides of your drawers for a pop of color.

7) Replace your fabric bins with ones of a new color/texture!

8) Replace your light switch plate covers!
(This is not home alone, and you’re not trying to electrocute bad guys, so protect yourself & turn off the power)

9) Swap your lamp shades/lighting glass for new ones!

10) Take down tired artwork and put up new fresh pieces!

-SK 🙂

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